Color extension only when using Label Filters


Im using Label filters a lot, and sometimes i feel like my focus gets lost over all types of files if there are too many colors on screen. It would be useful if i could tell a Label Filter or Wildcard Filter to only apply the colors on the files extension. Also, im using a separate Extension(DIRS) Column, is it possible to have them colored and keep filenames the default color?

I read a lot about what is better for the eyes, why is black text on white background better for focusing than white text on black background, because if u set a light background your iris tightens, it makes the eye more focused. But overall dark screens do not stress the eyes that much. Coloring makes filetypes more distinguishable when viewing a huge list of different files sorted by name, and im thinking, if only the extension would be colored, it makes it easier to find the type i want, but having white text (homogene colored text) could make focusing on actual names easier.

And if its possible to have a Custom Script Column to have extensions colored by FileTypeGroups, could i have a starting point please? I have 13 different groups set, could the Script Column be defined by my custom names? Like:

Thank you very much for any information, consideration, ideas, opinions!