Color Management in the Image Viewer

Hi there again,

Back with another question pertaining to the image viewer.

Is it color profile aware? I mean, my monitor is profiled in Windows XP. Adobe Photoshop takes that into consideration when displaying images, my RAW converter takes that into consideration when displaying images. However, the images I see in Opus have a distinct color shift to them that drives me batty, as I can't reliably trust Opus to display the image and allow me to evaluate the color finishing work that has been done on it and decide if it is ready for printing or not.

If there is a setting for this, can someone point me to it. Searching through preferences and the forums has yet to reveal anything to me.


There is a use_color_management function in Prefs/Misc/Advanced; however at present it just converts images tagged with other colour profiles into sRGB, ignoring your monitor's profile. (This option was added recently so you'll need to be on one of the latest versions.)

For Raw images, Opus's Raw plugin allows you to specify ICC profiles to use. They'll only be applied to full (slow) decodes, though; not to quick previews/thumbnails.

If you'd like to see more colour management capabilities beyond that, drop GPSoftware a feature request.

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't it enough for Windows? Display driver should correctly adjust sRGB pixels for display as monitor profile determines.

I might be wrong as I have only looked at it in passing but, AFAIK, only when using drawing functions/modes which use colour management, which most GDI functions/modes do not (though a few do).

Of course, if the monitor is set to display sRGB correctly then converting the source image to sRGB is all that is needed.