Color Tags?

I have seen various requests for color Tags in the past (like in XYExplorer). It lets the user easily tag files and folders to be highlighted in custom colors.

Is this something that is planned for the future? Maybe in version 10?

Possibly tags are planned, because they´ve been requested frequently. But for the folder colors, you can do that already. Just go to your prefs -> favorites/recent -> folder colors & define various colors. Then you can assign them to buttons or shortcuts:

Properties Setcolor=yrcolorname

Folder colors:

[Set File & Folder Colors/Labels via Context Menu)

So there is currently no way to set colors for files?

Also, it seems like the folder colors will disappear when moving the folders?

Also, if I have 6 colors, it appears that I would need to create 6 buttons?

Ideally, I would like a drop-down menu where I can select the color (like in XYExlorer).

Create a new Menu button and then add a single button with the command.. Properties Setcolor

Regards, AB

Or you use the menu solution mentionend in that FAQ. By the way, if you use hotkeys like Alt-1 to Alt-6 for your six colors, it´s quite easy to remember the combinations. I use them, too.

[quote="erik"]So there is currently no way to set colors for files?

Also, it seems like the folder colors will disappear when moving the folders?[/quote]

No, but you can currently "tag" files by using the "description" field, that´s the nearest. For your moving problem, there´s a hidden descrip.ion file, depending on your setting (-> prefs -> folders -> options -> use descript.ion field / hide descript.ion field). If you move that too, you should preserve the color setting. only problem is, when it´s hidden you cannot move it. Maybe someone has an idea here?

You can tell Opus to automatically copy/move the descript.ion data when it copies/moves files.

On the other hand, folder colors are for fixed paths and don't move with the folders.

Customizing the folder icon colors will move with the folders, though, I think. How to do that is linked from the thing I linked to.

Thank you for all the responses!

  1. Unfortunately, I am using the descriptions (in descript.ion) for something else, and I wanted to color code the files (actually I prefer to do a highlight rather than changing font color like in XYExplorer).

  2. Furthermore, moving files with the descript.ion data move option enabled makes the move very, very slow (Total Commander is 8 times faster). It will supposedly be improved in v10 :slight_smile:.

  3. I also need to have the color coding preserved when moving the folders (and files if there was a way to color code files)..

I hope that color tagging of files and folders (with highlighting and move support) will be implemented soon, maybe in version 10, and that version 10 will be out soon (February?) :astonished: ?

If you want things added send GPSoft a feature request.

I've been using Shedko Badges with a custom icon set: you have to tell DOpus to allow shortcut overlays (though these still don't show(TweakUI??)). Shedko Badges (SB) allows you to colour flag files and folders and you can hack the rather naff default text and icon set quite easily by just replacing the default .ini file and icons. The only issue is that the tags are not portable: you have to reapply them if you move files or folders.
IcolorFolder is a very robust folder customization tool but doesn't do files:(

I did read somewhere that SB didn't get on with DOpus, but have had no problems myself, EXCEPT for graphics crashes when I was using PicaView to preview in the context menu with SB installed (fine without). I have turned off PicaView preview and use ContView 1.41 in the context menu, since when fine.

Her's a link to a view of Shedko Badges tagging rtf files (in DOpus):

FWIW, the author of Shedko Badges posted some info about using it with Opus here:

[Directory Opus and Shedko Badges : How to)

I tried SB, but it it is hard to see the tiny icons in File detail view (which I always use). I was hoping for a color highlight of the file/folder like in XYExplorer; very easy to see the tagged files/folders this way.

Another issue is that the badge is not persistent when moving the files/folders.

Yes, the default icons in SB are pretty bad, but if you want to try again just replace the icons in the 'Program Files/Badges/icons/ folder with better ones numbered 1.ico to 10.ico. For descriptions, edit the 'English.ini' file in the badges/langs/ folder to suit. I use simple full-size (ie 256 x 256 transparent-gradient shades of the rainbow colours for the icons and they work very well in detail view:) Can send you them if you want.

But as you say, it's a pain that the tags don't stick. The tag list is in a 'settings.ini' file in the program folder.

I tried putting the DOpus colour file/folder option in the context menu as described elsewhere but it was a bit clunky.