Coloring the tabbar when the focus is on the C: Drive

Probably a simple fix, but I am often moving or deleting the wrong files because the focus is on the C: drive rather than another external drive. Is there a way of making the tabbar where it says the folder location a different, more noticable color? Not the focus but rather whenever the C: drive is being used have the top be a different color? With perhaps an option to reset it if there isn't another drive being used?

Is the problem you don't realise you're in C:\, or that you don't realise which side (left or right) has the focus?

That I don't realize I am in C:

You could save a folder format for C:\ so that the background color is different when in that folder. That would make it stand out.

You can also give the tab an accent color in the same way, but the accent would be there whether it's the active tab or not, so it's probably less useful for what you need.

Both are on the Options tab when editing the folder format.

Yeah, I don't want to change the background colors or the tab color as much as the border along the top, between the source fields and the tabs. I pretty much don't use tabs, and I like the color scheme it is set up right now. I was hoping to change maybe the font color of the text? Just for when there is another drive attached. As you can see in the pic above I have an "E:" drive (I am a data hoarder) and it's easy to see when I can get mixed up.

Let me try and check on saving the folder format for C:

The file display border color can't be changed per-folder unfortunately.

Yeah, I discovered that just now. I managed to change the colors for the user folder to something nice.

But that is just for the user folder. I have set formats for a bunch of folders. I guess I am going to have to change the colors as I go. Would be nice if I could just globally set the colors for a drive.

You can make a format which matches C:\ and subfolders.