Colorize a specific path

Is there anyway to colorize a specific path? Basically at work I always have my thumb drive (D:) and (S) for work share drive.

In the past you could colorize the whole tab one color. Now it's just a small line and hard to see. Is there a way to colorize the whole tab of whole file display if any path is within D?

Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Label Assignments, set up a wildcard label there for D:\* or similar.

So that allows you to modify the text, is there anyway to modify the background of the whole lister instead of the whole tab rather than a line?

You can also modify the background of every file that way..

Alternatively, Folder Formats have a background color (as well as image) setting which you could use, and would work better if that’s the aim.

Found it. Thanks for the tip, it was a bit confusing finding it, but its in the image section.

Folder Formats > Options > Image > Fill Color