Colors & Fonts: File Group Header, text color not working

Greetings Gurus,
In Colors & Fonts: File Group Header, the TEXT color not working.
The separator color works, but the font color of the name of the group seems to be picking up a color from another setting (or being overridden by another setting.

It seems to work here, testing with 12.0.5 (slightly out of date machine, but I don't think anything related changed in .6 or .7)

Fields: TYPE, overrides it.

That does not seem to be the case here, at least:

Looking at the code that chooses the colors, I think I see where it might be going wrong, although I'm not sure what the exact trigger is yet.

Leave it with me.

Found it, and it will be fixed in the next updates.

The problem happens if the last column in the file display has a column-specific color (including the Current Sort color if sorting by the last column).

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