I am having real issues trying to figure out which preference color effects which part of the display. The names are just not helpful. What WOULD be helpful (and maybe it already exists) is a screen shot of the entire Dopus window with arrows pointing to the various areas of the screen and indicating which preference color controls that section of the screen.

We used to have one but it got far too complicated, to the point that it no longer helped.

The manual describes what the colours do, if you push F1 from the list: ... _Fonts.htm

The forum can help where things still aren't clear.

OK, thanks. I will soldier on.

There are two colors that remain elusive.

First, what controls the colors of the column heading bar - this is the bar that contains the names of columns such as Name, Size, etc.

Second, I cannot find a way to control the color of the filter bar (that appears below the files lister). It appears to have the color of the Pane Border Background which is also the color of the bar at the tip of the folder tree. Since the status bar has its own color control, I expected the filter bar would, too. I have the colors of the folder tree in shades of green, and the (single) file pane in shades of blue - except for the filter bar which appears below the file pane and is also green.

Windows draws the column headings, using your system wide visual style / color settings.

The filter bar uses the Pane Border Background color, as you discovered.

OK, thank you. Just wanted to be sure I was not missing anything. I am about 10 days into my 30 day trial. As you can tell I have invested a lot of time and energy into learning Dopus, so it is highly likely that I will purchase the program before the trial ends. I appreciate all your help and your patience with my, probably basic, questions. I do check help and search the forum before posting my own questions. I often find the answers in one of those places.