Column auto-size to content, not the column-title


Is it possible to set Status column to auto-size but only for the width of the icons it is displaying? If i have 1 status icon the width would be something like 20, but if i add another status, the width would change to 40 automatically? Like in the NAME column, if you add a long filename the column would adjust to the size of the longest filename.

By default the auto-size option sets it to the size of the word "status", the title of the column itself and not the icons it is displaying.

(By the way, is it called column or field? Because in the preferences its called FIELD, but when i rightclick a "field" it is called a COLUMN)


Fields are things that can be shown in columns. The two terms are usually interchangable, except in situations where the data is shown in some other way (e.g. in a tool-tip).

Autosize will size to the maximum of the column contents or label, so it will already increase size if the icons need more width. It just won't go so narrow that the column title gets truncated.

Thank you for the quick reply!
Can a custom script column be made to display the exact same thing as the Status column, only with a custom title? Like a one-letter title? If so i will look into it how to write the script.

Not currently. Script columns can't display icons, at least at the moment.

Thank you for the answer!