Column for shortcuts (".LNK" files), for the linked-to file-extension?

Shortcuts, including all files in the recent-files folder,
have an extension of ".LNK"

This aggregates different files together, making them hard to distinguish by extension.

Would it be possible to have a column available, which would show the extension of the file that
is being linked-to ?

Thx, Brian

I wrote this for you:

Hi Leo,
That's great, and thank you.

Sadly, it doesn't give access to filename filtering using extensions, and i appreciate that a regular expression could be used that would filter on the second-last node name, but having a preferences switch, that treated the second last node name as if it were the extension, for all shortcut files, based on the target-name, would be the optimal solution for users here, and a large part of the purpose of Opus, is, I think to make workflow, and file management, far easier, more accessible and powerful, than the native windows file managers, or frankly, any other third-party file-manager.

Can we treat this as a feature request ?

If Opus is as well-designed as I suspect it is, then it may even be a fairly small amount of work.