Columns Menu with Right Mouse Button


When doing a Right Mouse Button on menu lister columns (in details mode), there is a menu opening with default columns, and if you need to find a specific column you need to go to 'column' then find category where you column is, etc.
.. and there are so many columns (and that's great :wink: ) that it could be difficult to find a column.

(for example, i use 'rating' for my pictures and i'm often lost where to find it (in pictures ? in general ?) and i'm often thinking it's called 'stars' instead of ratings etc.
That's an example but it's often the same (like 'labels', 'status', i'm lost for me it's the same type of thing) - so i'm often taking time to find a column, have a doubt about it, then i try it, and ho no, it's not this column i want, and i need to put it off, and go back to the whole submenus of columns to find another column, etc.

Just to say that it could be great to make it easier to find a column.

Two ideas (opened to discuss :wink: :
1- adding a mini search box like in a dopus preferences : you type a word and menu will show you all columns with your word (for example you type 'date' and you get all column related to date, or you type 'video' and you get all columns related to video, ...)
2- modifing and organizing a default 'my columns' kind of, with all columns we like to use (and be able to give them an personnal order and some alias to make it simple to find them)
For example in my screenshot here, i've just added 'rating' column and default RMB menu on my columns gives direct acces to : size (checked), type, attr, modified (checked), created, accessed, description.
But maybe here as i never use type, attr, created, accessed, description, I would prefer to have here other columns like status, label, ratings, etc.

Of course it's just some ideas, maybe it's a bit complicated.


You can edit that menu to put your own favorite columns at the top level (or in a sub-menu if you want).

If you click More (or something else which opens the Folder Options dialog; there are a few ways to open it) then you can filter by column names there to find things.

Yes, I got it, thanks Leo !

'More' has indeed a way to 'search column' and it's what i was looking for !
I put screenshot of my example with search for all 'date' column :

And I didn't know there was this menu customization :slight_smile:

Settings > Customize Toolbar > Context Menus

So great this program !

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