Columns per lister?


When i want on a certain lister on the main SSD drives (this PC) no Percent Fill / Free space
on the columns, save lister when clicking This PC all columns are back?!
No idea if this is possible, as i think it shows the explorer settings of columns....

If you want to save the columns for the This PC folder:

  • Go to the folder
  • Change the columns to what you want
  • Select Folder > Folder Options (or Folder Format, depending on toolbar version)
  • Click Save and then Save format for a folder and click OK.

You can also edit it directly via Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats where there is a This PC item in the System Folders category.

More detail in the Folder Formats FAQs and video tutorial that's linked at the bottom of the first FAQ.

Thank you Leo, works, tho it will that on all listers, but that's ok^

You can use a layout if you want one window to show a folder differently to all the other windows (although that would be unusual with the This PC folder).