Columns Settings

Hey all,

I have set various column folder settings for specific folders successfully.

Now I am wondering if it's possible to:

1- Remove or add a single column globally, like Attributes. I'm afraid if I remove it from one folder, then hit "Save Format for All Folders" it will override all my other settings for those specific folders

2- Set styles of columns to match file types. So video files for example will show resolution, frame rate, duration.

3- Is it possible to show the duration information for videos in the Thumbnail view as well? I only manage to see Resolution.

Thank you!

  1. There's no way to modify multiple formats at once without replacing them. You'd have to edit each of them.

  2. The Content Type formats let you do that.

  3. No, but you could use Tiles mode for something similar.

Hey Leo,

  1. I don't mean to edit multiple custom-folder-formats, more like removing a column globally, for example Attributes, without adding/removing other columns when I hit "save for all folders".

2,3 - thank you !

I would think removing a column is editing.
Saving only the changes is probably not an option

Hey Leo

just got a followup idea on this:

1- is it possible to control tiles scale like I can control thumbnails scale (with ctrl + mousewheel)?

2- can I add the duration info of videos to the status bar? (next to the file size for example)

thanks again


any ideas on those ?

Tiles sizes, only via Preferences, i think.

Video duration is included in one of the status bar samples built into the status bar page in Preferences.

These questions aren't about "Column Settings", so please start a anew thread if you need more detail, or have other queries.