Colums not displaying properly


I want to remove the decription column from all removeable media, so i check the box for that in preferences and edit it and remove the column. I make sure that the check box is also not checked off to get columns from other similar folder formats etc. Yet it refuses to work. I ended up manually creating a favorite formate for my 2 dvd drives.. that works. Any ideas?

Hi Fathertime,

I don't know the answer here, but I do have a question.
Do you have the description column set for your Custom Format ?

Good Luck, I hope we can solve this.

:opussanta: porcupine

yes i have it set for the custom format. However i removed that and it still shows up

Could it be a Content Type format that's adding the column?

Either way the Description column has to come from one (or more) of the other formats higher up the list above Removable Drives.

(After removing it from the Custom format, did you close and re-open the lister? If a folder is cached by the lister then its old format is used which can be confusing when you're trying to work out where a column's coming from.)