Colums sizes

I've been reading the help manual, looking through the FAQ, and have searched the forums here. But I cannot find a way to lock the size of the columns in the listers. I can set the sizes for the lister columns, but when I change folders, they do not "stick". Anybody know a solution?

Did you save them in the folder formats & also saved it as your default lister?

Yes, both, with no effect.

please read following thread, also the folder FAQs:

[Folder Options no longer stick)

Hi. The thread you're linking to doesn't apply to my problem. I've read the FAQ page multiple times, and tried every option described on that page.

I thought perhaps the lock icon described there would do it, but contrary to what the FAQ says, there is no such icon on the status bar.

Any other ideas?


Then you must be using some single lister mode. The lock only appears in dual listers. Besides, this won´t help preventing the change of column sizes, since the lock only preserves a certain view format during a session, when you change folders.

Make sure you read the FAQ very close, specially the parts where folder formats can be inherited or some file type formats apply. This can override your settings.

The lock appears in both single and dual lister mode by default.

It's possible you've removed the lock from your status bar. (Most of the sample status bars I've posted to the forum have the lock removed, as I access it via a menu instead, so if you've used one of them that's probably where it went. Sorry. :slight_smile: )

If you add {fl} to your status bar definition (Settings -> Preferences / Display / Status Bar) then it'll come back.

If you don't want it in the status bar you can also create a menu item or toolbar button for it. There's a pre-made Format Lock command in the Customize dialog's View category which you can drag to a menu or toolbar.

Thanks, leo. I added the definition, and when the icon is locked, the columns sort of stick to the size I've set. When there are only files in a folder, they stay the same, but when there are folders, they get expanded somewhat so I get a scrollbar at the bottom. Weird.

Hmm, I was wrong. The colums now seem to expand somewhat when there are files or folders that have names too long for the name column.

(abr, I am using dual listers.)

Sounds like the Auto-Size Columns checkbox is on in the folder format (Display tab of the format).

Nope, Auto-Size isn't on. But now at least the Size column stays big enough so I see the full size of files, and that was really what I was after.