COM Surrogate and dopus_fileinfo failing?

Lately, when opening my "Pictures" folder, which contains 16 subfolders and 8 jpg files, I am regularly receiving the attached "COM Surrogate" failure notice.

Not really sure what that was, I would reboot, re-open the folder, without error, and carry on. Generally, within 48 hours (pc is up 24/7) this failure will reappear when going into this folder, which is viewed as 'thumbnails'.

I have now found another directory, this one is all files, a mixture of .mov, .jpg and .xml files, 576 files, 532 Mb, viewed as thumbnails, and in here, I am reliably getting the 'dopus_fileinfo' error, followed by a COM Surrogate failure.

I have installed the latest v11 beta but the problem still persists.

I am not a DOpus power user, but am reasonably confident in my ability to follow any troubleshooting directions offered.

Thanks in advance for any time/help offered.

With the COM Surrogate error message still on the screen, open Task Manager (right-click an empty space on the taskbar and it's in the menu there), then go to the Processes tab.

Make sure the Command Line column is showing in the Processes tab. (If not, use View > Select Columns.)

Find the dllhost.exe process, and it should have a command line that includes a long list of letters and numbers between {...}. What is shown there? That should indicate the component which is crashing.

There are two surrogate entries in the process list....

When I click the 'Close the program' button, the first one clears.


{AB8902B4-09CA-4BB6-B78D-A8F59079A8D5} is the Windows thumbnail cache, which means something generating thumbnails for the files in that folder is crashing.

The crashing component is not part of Opus, and you may see the same crash if you generate thumbnails for those files within Explorer as well.

Tracking down the particular file or type of file that causes the crash is a good first step as that will narrow down which thumbnail generators may need to be looked at.

Remember that files in subfolders may be relevant, since folder thumbnails can include some of the files within the folders.

Thanks leo,

The culprits were three .mov files from my granddaughter's iPod Touch. When I opened the folders using Windows Explorer, they actually crashed the entire Explorer process. Strangely, the files played just fine using Quicktime.

They weren't exactly what you would call 'keepers' so they have now been deleted and thus far, the failures have also gone away.

Apologies for taking up your time with a problem that turned out to be nothing to with DOpus, and thank you very much for your assistance in helping me towards a solution. It's appreciated.


No problem. Video files are often the trigger for such things, as the decoders for them often have bugs (and the file formats are complex).

Sometimes they can be fixed by updating the involved components (or updating Windows itself, if it's a built-in decoded; I think a recent optional patch did just this for AVI files), but if it's just three files that you've already deleted then it may not be worth you spending any more time. If it starts to happen again, though, that's the direction to look in.