Combining styles & saved layouts

Hi again,

I've been using DOpus for some time, and I find it great. I'm getting amazed by the possibilities every day.

However, I'm always stumbling on a concept, actually two very similar concepts IMO with no clear differences: lists and layouts. Isn't it possible to combine these 2?

A layout seem to be a style + its saved windowsize. They both define which panels are to be shown, if there should be single or dual display, etc. I really see no need to use 2 different concepts for this. I know a style could be used to switch the view on-the-fly, but a saved layout without a size would do the same job, wouldn't it?

While I'm on the topic, there's this tab "Default Settings" under Preferences->Layout. What's the point of this tab? Can't we simply choose a saved layout here, as it is with "Double click on desktop/trayicon opens this layout".

I'll go even a step further. What's the point of the "Opening Listers" tab under Preferences->Layout? Couldn't the default lister be selected from the list of saved layouts/styles?

To summarize it all, I think layouts, styles, default settings & default folders are from a usability point of view, pretty confusing, and IMO they could and should be amalgamated. I hope you'll see this post as constructive criticism.

Thanks again for this great program :slight_smile:


ps: Once again originally posted in Y!-Group: Y!-Thread

I've also realized there are 2 additional redundant settings under Preferences->Double Click->Desktop. These settings are a superset of Preferences->Layout->Opening Listers.

Maybe I've missed some historical reasons but still I've the simple question: Why?