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Combo box which contains all drive letters (like TC)?

Hi! :slight_smile:

Keyboard shorcuts in TC are ALT+F1 (for left pane) and ALT+F2 (for right pane).

Is it possible to make something like this in Dopus? (see atachment)

(but no mouse, no buttons, I need keyboard shorcut for quick selection of drive)

Thanks for help...

Click Help -> Keyboardmap

The action buttons at the top of the dialog allow you to create a new Hotkey or edit an existing one by selecting the New, Duplicate or Edit buttons. These display the Hotkey Editor where you can enter the required information.

But, when I add/remove hard disk from computer and Windows assign new drive letter to attached drive, I must make/edit hotkey again?
Is it possible to make list of all connected drives which opens with a hotkey?

Try this:

  1. Create a new toolbar 'Drivebuttons' and add this new button:
Go DRIVEBUTTONS=cdrom,removable,ramdisk,labels,lettersbeforelabels,hideempty

The command shows removable drives, hiding the ones that are empty.

  1. Create a new hotkey (for example ALT F4) with this function:
Toolbar NAME=Drivebuttons TOGGLE

The hotkey toggles the specified toolbar on or off.

That won't let you drive the menu via the keyboard, though.

Try this...

Below are two buttons that you can paste onto your menu (as described in this FAQ). I think they have to go on to the menu and can't be in other toolbars for the hotkeys to work.

The buttons are actually sub-menus which contain the Go DRIVEBUTTONS command with an argument telling it to open the selected drive on the left or right.

The sub-menus are labelled Drives &Left and Drives &Right (the & doesn't actually show up) which means you can access them by typing alt-l and alt-r. You can change the labels to alter the hotkeys.

(Since they're sub-menus, and not buttons, there isn't a way to make them use a hotkey like alt-F1. They have to use alt and a letter.)

After pushing alt-l or alt-r you can then use the cursor keys to select a drive and push return to load it into the left or right side. No mouse work required.

In the screenshot I've just pushed alt-r, as an example.

Here are the two buttons (sub-menus). You don't have to understand or edit the XML; see the FAQ I linked above to see how to copy them from your browser and paste them directly on to your menu bar.

Drives Left:

<button backcol="none" display="both" label_pos="right" textcol="none" type="menu">
	<label>Drives &amp;Left</label>
	<button backcol="none" display="both" textcol="none">
		<label>Drives (Open in left)</label>
		<function type="normal">
			<instruction>Go DRIVEBUTTONS=hideempty,lettersbeforelabels OPENINLEFT</instruction>

Drives Right:

<button backcol="none" display="both" label_pos="right" separate="yes" textcol="none" type="menu">
	<label>Drives &amp;Right</label>
	<button backcol="none" display="both" textcol="none">
		<label>Drives (Open in right)</label>
		<function type="normal">
			<instruction>Go DRIVEBUTTONS=hideempty,lettersbeforelabels OPENINRIGHT</instruction>

Awesome, nudel :open_mouth:

[quote="nudel"]I think they have to go on to the menu and can't be in other toolbars for the hotkeys to work.

They actually work in toolbars (see below). Opened via hotkey, of course :wink:

Thank you, Nudel. Always great to see that almost everything seems possible with Directory Opus!

Hi guys, thanks to you all. :slight_smile:
Nudel's solution works very well. :sunglasses:

How do you make that with toolbar?

I try the following but without success:

  1. Open customize
  2. Right clik on toolbar
  3. New -> New Menu Button
  4. Open new empty menu button (still in customize mode)
  5. Right clik on menu
  6. Insert New -> New Button
  7. Right clik on new button -> Edit
  8. Enter label "Drives Left"
  9. Enter function "Go DRIVEBUTTONS=hideempty,lettersbeforelabels OPENINLEFT"

And this works fine with mouse.

I assign alt + f1 hotkey to Menu Button, but I doesn't know what to enter in Function? (off course, I would like that hot key to open a menu and to keep a focus on it)

The hotkey of a menu-button will run the button part of it, not open the menu part.

You need to create a menu instead. Menus cannot have hotkeys, except for the alt-X style ones which you can assign by using the & character in their labels, like in my example.

The menu in xbprm's post is the same as mine; he just has different visual settings to me so our screenshots look slightly different.

Can I somehow set invisible mnemonic in menu?
I set mnemonics like tihs &1Drives Left and &2Drives Right, and then I can use alt+1 or alt+2, but it would be nice if possible to hide numbers (1 and 2)?