Combobox doesn't show all items?

Im having a script dialog that shows dates or date(time) ranges from files in a folder.
The user should pick dates or date ranges. I am setting a default value (item index) for the start and end of the ranges.
Index 0 for start and if available 1 for end (because in a range the end date has to be newer than the start).

The default item is selected BUT in the combobox for the end value the items with lower indices than the supplied default value are missing. The item can be accessed with the arrow up key but is not shown in the drop down (also happens when setting default value > 1, the other items are not show). I also cannot scroll with mouse wheel to them.

First item missing (2021.09.18 19:01:46)

Item accessed with arrow up key.

var mediaDateRanges = QueryMediaDateRanges(paths);
	var dlg = DOpus.Dlg;
	dlg.window = tab;
	dlg.template = "SelectionMethodDialog";
	dlg.detach = true;
	var comboDate = dlg.Control("comboDate");
	var comboDateStart = dlg.Control("comboDateStart");
	var comboDateEnd = dlg.Control("comboDateEnd");
	var comboDateTimeStart = dlg.Control("comboDateTimeStart");
	var comboDateTimeEnd = dlg.Control("comboDateTimeEnd");

	var radioAllFiles = dlg.Control("radioAllFiles");
	var radioDate = dlg.Control("radioDate");
	var radioDateRange = dlg.Control("radioDateRange");
	var radioDateTimeRange = dlg.Control("radioDateTimeRange");

	for(var i = 0; i < mediaDateRanges.dates.length; i++)  //simply a string array with dates inside
		var item = mediaDateRanges.dates[i];//.Format("D#yyyy.MM.dd T#HH:mm:ss");
	for(var i = 0; i < mediaDateRanges.exactDates.length; i++)
		var item = mediaDateRanges.exactDates[i];//.Format("D#yyyy.MM.dd T#HH:mm:ss");

	comboDate.value = comboDateStart.value = comboDateTimeStart.value = 0;

//hadnt problems here because i only had one item in those comboboxes
	comboDateEnd.value = mediaDateRanges.dates.length > 1 ? 1 : 0;

//here my problems are happening
// also  > 5 ? 4 : 0 will result in problems
	comboDateTimeEnd.value = mediaDateRanges.exactDates.length > 1 ? 1 : 0;

function QueryMediaDateRanges(paths)
	var minDate = DOpus.Create.Date();
	var maxDate = DOpus.Create.Date();
	var dates = [];
	var dateTimes = [];
	for(var pathIndex = 0; pathIndex < paths.length; pathIndex++)
		var folderEnum = DOpus.FSUtil.ReadDir(paths[pathIndex]);
		while (!folderEnum.complete())
			var folderItem = folderEnum.Next();
				//eunmerate child
				var date = folderItem.create;
				if(maxDate < date)
					maxDate = date;
				else if(date < minDate)
					minDate = date;

				var datePart = date.Format("D#yyyy.MM.dd")
				if(!ArrayIncludes(dates, datePart))

				var exactDate = date.Format("D#yyyy.MM.dd T#HH:mm:ss");
				if(!ArrayIncludes(dateTimes, exactDate))
	return { minDate: minDate, maxDate: maxDate, dates: dates, exactDates: dateTimes };
	<resource name="SelectionMethodDialog" type="dialog">
		<dialog fontsize="8" height="94" lang="english" title="Which files should be selected" width="329">
			<control checked="yes" height="10" name="radioAllFiles" title="All files" type="radio" width="64" x="5" y="6" />
			<control height="10" name="radioDate" title="By date" type="radio" width="39" x="5" y="24" />
			<control height="40" name="comboDate" type="combo" width="123" x="67" y="22" />
			<control height="10" name="radioDateRange" title="By date range" type="radio" width="59" x="5" y="42" />
			<control height="40" name="comboDateStart" type="combo" width="123" x="67" y="40" />
			<control height="40" name="comboDateEnd" type="combo" width="123" x="202" y="40" />
			<control height="40" name="comboDateTimeStart" type="combo" width="123" x="67" y="57" />
			<control height="40" name="comboDateTimeEnd" type="combo" width="123" x="202" y="57" />
			<control height="10" name="radioDateTimeRange" title="By time range" type="radio" width="60" x="5" y="59" />
			<control height="14" name="buttonOK" title="OK" type="button" width="50" x="2" y="76" />
			<control close="0" height="14" name="buttonCancel" title="Cancel" type="button" width="50" x="275" y="76" />
			<control halign="left" height="8" name="static1" title="-" type="static" valign="top" width="4" x="194" y="42" />
			<control halign="left" height="8" name="static2" title="-" type="static" valign="top" width="4" x="194" y="60" />

Are they actually missing, or just scrolled out of view?

There's a bug in 12.25 12.24 where the scrollbar won't appear, but you can scroll the list by dragging it. It's fixed in the current betas is that's the issue you're seeing.

Ok they are there, but yes the scrollbar is not shown and the mouse wheel wont work as scroll option. Tried the arrow in the dropdown and there they were.
But im still on DOpus 12.24

Grab the latest beta and it's fixed in that. The link should be at the top of the page unless you've dismissed it.

Yeah I know but i normally stick with non beta versions :wink: But it fixed this for me :+1: