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OK, I've been a sub-amateur, super-lite comic book reader. I'd kind of like to get into it more.

All of my book reading the past several years is via an ebook reader. I'm used to Moon+ Reader (a superb Android ebook reader app - here's a link to the free version) and Amazon Kindle app.

Which Windows programs and Android apps do you comic book fans recommend for reading comic books?

Your opinion greatly desired.

Debates welcome, but be nice.


Thanks for bringing this up. :slight_smile:


But real reading, meaning living room and, pardon me hmhmhmh - bathroom, is done using tablet. For that purpose, you may use ComicRack as well, and then use its Android device manager tool. Frankly, I haven't found it to be real useful.

So, for real comic book file management Directory Opus is like 'THE perfectest' tool. So, I made the script that can help optimize bunch of files to whatever hardware one owns: meaning reducing usually insane page pixels sizes so the bunch of comic books would fit to XDHC flash drive which is always short of capacity. Then at the Android size, Perfect Viewer is currently perfect comic book reading companion (

Optimization/Conversion script:


Thanks, R_RR. I will play around with your suggestions.

This seems like the perfect program to me. I recently signed up for this forum specifically to ask you how to do this. I have no experience programming or anything and I'm a complete novice. I was looking for a program to batch resize my comics (148 gigs) to fit into my 120 gig Ipad. I tried using CbxConvertor but it always locks up and restarts before I can do anything. Any advice on what I can do?

Use cb7 as the target file type. More info here: Comic Book CBx-To-CBx Convert & Resize v1.40.

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I was able to install the button. How do I start using it and configure it to replace the old files with the newly resized one?

Keep the source files in source frame, make sure you have made some destination folder, keep it in the destination frame, fire up the script, select the preferred options, convert. Easy, intuitive, powerful. :wink:

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Source frame? Does that mean in the same folder? >_<
Is there no option to just drag and drop the whole folder? It has several organized sub folders in it and it sounds like I have to do it one by one which is really time consuming since I have thousands of titles organized individual folders.

Is there any way to just drag and drop it and have it replace the files where they already are instead of having to manually replace them? I tried converting the contents of one to test it out and the size is the same or a few megabytes bigger.

How do I convert exactly? I was just dragging and dropping files to it. I tried folders but it does nothing to them.
How should I configure the settings?
What's the difference between source listers and destination lister? Thanks for replying back so fast btw. I really appreciate it.