Command Editor (Standard Function) - argument insertion always on end

In the Command Editor, with "Standard Function (Opus or external)", when inserting the command arguments via the Arguments dropdown menu, they are always inserted at the end of the line instead of at the position of the caret.


When there are lots of parameters, and you want to insert or change some in the middle, it is easy to lose track of where you were and there is extra step of cutting and pasting the new parameter to relocate it where you wanted it.

This behavior is present since at least the Opus 10 I guess, but today while I was editing a button it hit me -- as much as I got to expect this over the years, it always annoys me again and again, and I never report it because it was always like this.

If you had the cursor in the middle of another argument (e.g. inside SLIDE|SHOW in the example above), would you still want it to insert the new argument where the cursor was and break the command line? :slight_smile:

If not, the editor would have to be smart enough to work out where the next safe place to insert a new argument was, which could be complicated when some arguments take parameters. Not impossible, but probably error-prone, or with different unwanted side-effects. It would probably have to parse the command line and then re-write it with the new argument inserted, which might mean other things changed on an insert.

Yes, absolutely! o)
The moment you screw up your command is where you learn that things (finally) work as expected. o)

Pasting text at the end of a line is quite uncommon if the cursor is anywhere within the text. Inserting where the cursor is positioned, is what many expect, me too. People knowing how to use basic copy and paste should easily get a long with commands and arguments being placed right where the cursor is, hu?

Having to maneuver the cursor around to select, cut and paste the things that where appended to the line is definitely the greater hassle here. Well for me and bytespiller at least. o) DO is a sharp knife used by trained professionals, so really no need for precautions which handle quite unusual I think.

Thinking of the old forum, where you could insert the uploaded attachment into the text, it also happened where the cursor is. Or right here, the "insert link" button, it also does not append the url at the end of your current posting. Would "Word" insert a picture "after" the last page of your document, I guess it won't, it will place it where your cursor is. I can probably think up some more examples, but I guess we made our point?! o)

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