Command: GoRegistry (open reg-key by button or path-field)

  • stretched requesters = really big and great
  • handling of special characters in registry paths = working fine
  • the script now looks for GoRegistry.js to find itself (no need to remove *.txt extension anymore) = fine
  • fix for DO installations with blanks in the path and minor tweaks = don't know
  • applying a key to the path field = just working
  • FeatureRequests.suggestions.list = null

What a boring perfect peace of script that can't be faulted. :laughing:

If you didn't need to switch shell.Run() to DOpus.NewCommand.RunCommand() again, to make applying a key to the path field work, then all is fine! o)

I'm relieved! o)

To answer "what's the diff between bestmatch and bestmatchauto. "Bestmatch" does force the "nircmd.exe" way of expanding the branch (by sending keys to regedit). The "strict" or regular mode, does not use keys, but set's the "last key" for regedit in the registry, so it opens there automatically With "autobestmatch", the "strict" and the generally safer mode is used for valid keys, while "bestmatch" is used for invalid keys (to get you close to a similar target or somehwere random, if the branch does not exist at all).

For best match mode, the key is still checked programmatically right before running it, to still be able to decide wether to open the error or success dialog (if enabled). Thanks! o))

Updated to v0.4:

  • support for powershell style registry paths containing ":", like "HKCU:.."
  • minor tweaks