Command help

I am trying to create a command button that will run a command line program that if typed looks like this:

e:\xxx\imgkap xxx.kap -p MAP xxxDDN.kap

imgkap is the program and is included in the system path variable.
xxx.kap is being converted using the -p MAP imgkap option and the resulting file is named the same as the original with DDN added at the end and in the same directory.

First of all, is what I am trying to do even possible? I have been pouring over the manual and getting no where fast.

At the most basic level, the command might look something like this:

I'm not sure which part of creating the command you're stuck on, so if that doesn't help please let us know where you need help.

What I would like to do is have the resulting file (output.kap) named the same as the source.kap file but with an added suffix such as sourceDDN.kap

The command in the image works fine and creates a file called output.kap in the source directory. Recalling the source file name and adding a suffix to name the resulting file is where I am hung up.

You might be able to actually read this one :unamused:

Try something like@nofilenamequoting imgkap "{f}" -p MAP "{f|noext}DDN{f|ext}"

[quote="naki"]Try something like@nofilenamequoting imgkap "{f}" -p MAP "{f|noext}DDN{f|ext}"[/quote]

Thank you very much! It works perfectly. I will do some research and try to figure out why :thumbsup: