Command history / pipeline

I'd really like to see a list of commands or a command history that shows every function that has executed in opus. In other words, if you do something manually, you can then copy and paste all those actions and put them into a button.

Also, I'd like to be able to go into a "simulate mode" which would show all the commands you perform using the interface but would not actually execute them.

This would provide a VERY simple way to create complex actions / buttons. The main reason I would like this is to be able to simulate a bunch of tasks like creating archive, copying massive file sets from multiple locations to differing drives (file collections are nearly enough) and see the commands in the history buffer. Then, to be able to execute all those commands with the ability to wait sequentially between each one. This would provide TRUE queueing of commands and copy queues between any number of drives and such. You could simulate all the commands and then when you're done everything, walk away and let it happen.

If anything like this is already possible, please let me know but I don't think it is yet.


Kinda like macro recording in MS Office?

Not a bad idea. Can't be done currently, though.