Command modifier type=grp:images not work in 12.19.6

SetAttr META gpsaltitude gpslatitude gpslongitude

The button is disabled even if a images is selected.

Seems to work fine here on the latest beta. Are you sure your Images Filetype Group contains .jpg files?

It's working for me, too. Which button on your screenshot is supposed to be react to the selection or non-selection?

*.jpg in Images Filetype Group

If you use the Chinese name of the group does it work?


chinese ok

Can the group name define a common English identifier?

Do you define a generic identifier for group names in your feature update list?

The English names work in most places (you may need a "raw:" prefix before them), but not with the special grp: wildcard syntax.

Can you give an example?

I had the wrong prefix (confusing it with something else) but the FSUtil.InGroup method lets you restrict the search to the English group names using the "name:" prefix, or the translated names using the "disp:" prefix.!Documents/Scripting/Item.htm