"command prompt here" registry hack

I used the "Command prompt here" power toy in w2k. I couldn't find it in winxp so I edited the registry to do the same thing.

Directory Opus handles the contextual menu item by opening the command prompt in the parent directory.

Here are the registry values

@="Command &Prompt"

Is there a way for me to get it to open in the same directory?

You don't need the hack in Opus, just make a toolbar button which runs this command:


That will open the prompt in the current lister's location. If you instead want to open the prompt in the selected folder's location (e.g. from a context menu command) then you should use:


Also, the registry hack is incomplete... it's not Dopus that is handling it this way... explorer would also open the current folder instead of the one you right clicked/selected. You would need to pass a %1 to cmd.exe. Here's what I put in MY registry:

cmd.exe /f:on /k cd %1

I've also got this under the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\CommandPrompt\command key... NOT the directory key. I still use this since right clicking on folder tree items which Dopus does not render fails to show my Dopus context menu where I've also got the same CLI command Nudel mentioned as a context menu action.