Command: SelectFromTxt (select files from text file)

This script create new command SelectFromTxt to select files from text file.

NODESELECT to keep previous selection

Script options
TextFile = Enter default text file
ClearLog = Clear log when starting command
LogError = Display error messages in log

Drag and drop *.vbs.txt file to Preferences / Toolbars / Scripts and create button, hotkey... with this new command.

DOpus 11.7.1 and newer
Command_SelectFileFromTxt.vbs.txt (2.81 KB)

Thanks! Very useful script, but how to use it?

I want to click button, select text file with list of file names and get them selected. Please advice.

It’s not possible like this without changing the script.

Text file should be named temp.txt by default (or other if you change it in script settings), placed in the same directory as the selected files and command should be SelectFromTxt or SelectFromTxt NODESELECT.

Better than nothing, but not very convenient. Consider this thread: Selection from text file!

Free to you to modify script...
And how do you use script with Dopus 10 ?

I just upgraded to Dopus 11 trial to try yours and some other scripts.

I felt free to create a new one, trying to combine what's there and adding what's missing.

Try "SelectEx", it supports passing a filename: Command: SelectEx (extended Select command)