Command Store

Is there a way to have something like "command-store"?

A place/window/button that contains a group of global variables that I can use anywhere within DO. Benefit is that I don't need to repeat the same code in different buttons/locations, and in case I change a path to a target in my system then it's easy to fix/adjust that in DO. That would even be useful as message box text or a tooltip.

Lets say I use AIMP as my audio player, and I have few buttons and file type extensions that link to AIMP, then I changed AIMP3.exe to AIMP.exe, that would break many things in DO.
Having a command-store would make it easy to fix for all my buttons and filetypes.

Something like this:

%AIMP% = /Home\..\AIMP\AIMP.exe %Firefox% = /Home\..\FirefoxPortable\Firefox.exe %action_confirm_text% = "Some text" ...

I then can create a buttons/filetype associations that would look like this:

%AIMP% {allfile$} %Firefox% "%1" @confirm:%action_confirm_text%


You can do what you are suggesting using windows Environment variables, almost exactly. You can use the tool "Rapid Environment Editor" or just use the Set command in DOS.

This is how I use it myself to specify custom locations of various paths on different PCs in DOPUS.

This won't work out for me, my system is frozen, any changes to it will be lost on restart. All my programs are portable, I have them on a USB that I use on different machines.
Hopefully there is/will be a way to do this in DO.

Aliases let you create names like /MyFolder which you can use anywhere in Opus, defining what it expands to in a single place in Preferences.

Variables let you do this for things which aren't paths. See @set for setting them, and {$var} for using them. They are also available to scripts.

User-defined commands let you create basic commands which are defined in one place and can them be called from multiple places.

Scripts let you do almost anything, including creating complex commands which can be called from multiple places, or triggered by events, and with even more flexible use of variables.