Command Tip Line Return

Per DOpus help:

"Tip: This is a description of the command that's displayed in a pop-up tooltip when you hover the mouse over the button. You can insert a line break in the tooltip (and therefore split it to multiple lines) using the \n sequence."

This works for single buttons, but does not work for triple buttons. In fact, the \n appears as a \n in a triple button configuration, with no line break. I would like to use a line return with triple buttons as well.

Any ideas?

Triple buttons show the tooltips for three commands, one on each line, so you can't use multiple lines in those tips.

I get that. With a single button, one could use @keydown in combination with that button for multiple operations, along with corresponding tips using \n. I'm not even sure a limit exists as to the size/number of lines in a tip.

Going further, DOpus is flexible enough to allow a user to use a triple button setup with @keydown to expand button functionality in the same manner (which I have done in multiple instances). Although the tip appears hard-coded to only show corresponding LMB, RMB and MMB tips on single lines respectively, I would appreciate the ability to use \n within the LMB/RMB/MMB construct to support this expanded triple button use.