Command to deselect in both source and dest

Is it possible to make a keyboard shortcut to DESELECT in both Source and Dest when in Dual view?

I have tried:

Select NONE

But this only deselects in either source or dest pane. I would like to have one hotkey to deselect in both source or dest pane at the same time (and the keyboard selection cursor should remain in the pane it was in previously).

A bit of JScript will do it:

function OnClick(clickData) { clickData.func.command.ClearFiles(); clickData.func.command.RunCommand("Select NONE"); if (clickData.func.desttab) { clickData.func.command.SetSourceTab(clickData.func.desttab); clickData.func.command.RunCommand("Select NONE"); } }

Test JScript Function.dcf (4.94 KB)

Hmm thanks, tried out the JScript as follows but it doesn't seem to work.

However figured it out with the following:

Select NONE Set FOCUS=Toggle Select NONE Set FOCUS=Toggle

Add a line with @script JScript at the start. (Or use the .dcf file attached above.)