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Command: UltraEdit (Sends selected FTP/local text files to UltraEdit.)

UltraEdit - a script command, which sends selected FTP/local text files to UltraEdit.

Purpose: This script allows you to replace UltraEdit's FTP browser.

Overview: This script converts an FTP address like ftp://SITE=Phone?someusername:somepassword@
to FTP::G4//example|test.txt so UltraEdit can open the FTP text file.
Settings=>Preferences=>Toolbars=>Scripts=>UltraEdit=>FtpSiteNames is where you store
FTP site names.

			 	 i.e. Phone=:=FTP::G4 

The left side of the =:= is DOpus's FTP site name. It compares DOpus's FTP site name on each line
against the active ftp tab, if it finds a match it will use UltraEdit's FTP site name (the right side of the =:=)

Local text file(s) selected or checked with checkboxmode will open in UltraEdit as well.

Command.Item_UltraEdit.js.txt (8.7 KB)


	Download the file Command.Item_UltraEdit.js.txt and copy it to /dopusdata/Script AddIns or drag it into the settings window Settings => Preferences => Toolbar => Scripts

	1.Create an FTP site name in UltraEdit and Directory Opus.
	2.Make sure UltraEdit's FTP site can connect before trying this script.
	3.Go to Settings>Preferences>Toolbars>Scripts>UltraEdit>UltraEdit. 
	Set the install path to uedit64.exe
	4.Go to Settings>Preferences>Toolbars>Scripts>UltraEdit>FtpSiteNames.
	5.DOpus's ftp site name goes on the left and UltraEdit's ftp site name goes on the right. 
	6.Put =:= between DOpus ftp site name and UltraEdit ftp site name. 
	7.Example: DopusFtpSiteNameHere=:=FTP::UltraEditSiteNameHere
	8.Add multiple ftp site names by separating each by a new line.
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