Commands - ContextMenu

I've problem using ContextMenu
I want to Execute one of contextmenu items (e.g. Winrar ExtractHere in this case)

using CLI I findout the verb is ExtractHere


  • ContextMenu VERB=ExtractHere FILE=*.rar

Will execute another items in contextmenu
just using ID will do the correct job but IDs are different for different selected files!

  • the following also has problem:
    Select *.rar
    Select *.zip
    ContextMenu ID=

before ContextMenu all the selected files would be deselected and the ContextMenu will execute!

Please help me with this,
Thanks in advance.

Does WinRAR have a command-line interface? That might be easier than the slightly esoteric ContextMenu stuff which is usually a last resort!

Opus 8 can also extract RARs by itself, although it won't be as fast as WinRAR for archives containing lots of files.

yes WinRAR has command line.
could you tell me what should I do to run the following command line for the currently selected files in the lister?
Winrar.exe -x .

Give this a try:

Winrar.exe -x {filepath$} .