Commands not run after "Properties SETWALLPAPER"

I have a button that set automatically any image I select as default wall paper. But I need to know why once I call, from the button, Properties Setwallpaper (with the selected image) the internal command operate perfectly but any commands used in the button after the call to Properties setwallpaper are not execute.
Stupid example:
Button Set_Wall_paper (advance mode)
Properties Setwallpaper
@confirm: I like this wallpaper|ok

So the @confirm modifiers will not execute or any internal command used after a call to Properties Setwallpaper.
Is it normal?

No idea, sorry, but at least I can confirm it happens here, too. Also tried with a "Copy DUPLICATE" in the second line - didn't work either.

Hi MartO
Shall we assume that there is a bug with this internal Command? Like a call to Properties Setwallpaper will not return to the next line of the button but simply ends there. (excuse my English as I speak french)

Thanks for the bug report!

This will be fixed in the next update.