Common Dialong Boxes - File Open Replacement

Does directory opus provide a replacement for the "file open" dialog box? The one that comes with windows is horrible. I constantly have to navigate to common areas and I was wondering if there is built in intergration?

I searched for this but didn't find it.

Thanks for any assistance.

I've been using Directory Opus 9 for about 2 months and I'm loving it!!!!

I found this post for you: [url]How to have DOPUS replace File Open, Save or Save dialog box]

If the programs use the newer style of Open dialog, with the location icons down the left-hand side, you can use Microsoft's Tweak UI to change which locations are shown there so you can more easily get to your common folders.

(If you're on XP, that is. On Vista you can change those locations via drag & drop in the dialog itself.)

You may also find the DOpus Favorites tool of interest, though have a read through the thread for some potential issues with it & keep in mind we haven't heard from the author of the tool for a while.