Compare Archives with contents inside of them?

Is there a way to select a number of archives and display the total filesize of

A)First the sum of the archives (Well that's easy it is displayed on the bottom corner of the bar)
:sunglasses:And most importantly the size of the files compressed inside the archives,so i can compare the difference of the sum so i will make the decision whether to extract certain archives or not before I burn them into optical media for backup.

I don't think there's any way to do B, sorry.

In theory though it's pretty simple.All needed to be done,is enter the archive and calculate the real size of every content.Isn't there a simple way for this to be done?

You could do a find on * with the option set to search inside of archives (and, optionally, use a filter to control which archives are entered) and then total up the file sizes, I guess.

That's the only thing close to what you want that I can think of. It may be simple in theory, and even simple to implement, but since nobody has thought of it until now it isn't implemented. :slight_smile: Send GPSoftware a feature request if you want them to consider the idea of an "Unpacked Size" column for archives or something similar.

Ok thank you i will try your suggestion and i might as well send a feature request.