Compress and decompress files remotely

I have just purchased a licence for directory opus, its a very good windows explorer and FTP client replacement

However there is something which I would like to see added, the ability to decompress and compress files that are on a website (via FTP) when I try to decompress a zip file, it keeps trying to overwrite the zip with its self, and when I compress a file/s directories, I get a message this operation isn't supported by the VFS

if there is a possibily to add such features, then I can remove my current FTP cliemt (smartFTP) and I don't have to use the utter rubbish filemanager that my web host provides, PS the server is a Unix one if that makes any difference

I don't think the FTP protocol allows you to do this. Opus could pretend to do it but in reality you'd still be downloading the entire file and work on it locally, even if this was hidden from you. (I guess Opus already does this to a degree, except that you're working on a temporary copy and all changes are lost when you exit the file, the same as if you double-click a .txt file on an FTP site and it opens in an editor.)

When connected via SSH, rather than FTP, I expect it is technically possible, provided a command-line Zip (or whatever) archiver is installed at the other end, but it would probably be a nightmare to code reliably and would be dependent on exactly which archiver was installed.

Assuming that SmartFTP does provide this feature (else you wouldn't be using it by the sound of it), do you know how it does it? Maybe there's something I haven't though of (I'm certainly no expert on SSH).

smartFTP doesn't do this also, the only reason Im using it is because the interface is prety good and its easy to use, the thing is, there are some filemanger programs you can install that does decompress zip files, but they either require you to install the program ay the root dir (admin access) or is very expansive, its mainly the decompress of zips that I am interested in, wouldn't it be possible for the files to be reuploaded in real time as they are being decompressed?

You'd need special FTP server software running on the remote machine to do it well, which I think is beyond the scope of what Opus does.

Opus could, in theory, download the entire Zip file and then, if you make any change to it, re-upload the entire file automatically but unless the Zip file was very small (or the network incredibly fast) I doubt it would be better than doing the download/change/upload by hand. I never feel safe relying on such systems, either, since it can be difficult for one program (Opus) to know when another program (say a text editor) has finished modifying a file.

ah ok it was an idea, thanks for your quick responce

Well, I've got no say in which ideas get implemented or not -- I just post here :slight_smile: -- so that's just my take on things, rather than GPSoftware's or anything like that.