Computer freezes


Have a brand new PC and trying to copy via a network share my data from old PC to new PC. Surprisingly my computer freeze's every few minutes for about 20 tot 30 seconds. Music stops playing, CPU in task manager goes down close to zero and no respons/reaction from my PC whatsoever.

When I try to copy from 2 hares simultaneously it just becomes worse. I have a few TB's to go and will manage but I don't understand how this program can make my PC freeze like that.

I also experience this for many years when trying to copy from my phone or another connected device. The regular MS file explorer does not have this problem when I copy from a connected device, only Dopus.

Marlon ..

A program like Opus cannot cause the whole computer to freeze unless something at a lower level is going wrong.

In this case, I'd suspect the network driver, storage driver, or antivirus on your machine has a problem when under load. If it's a new PC, make sure you have installed all the drivers for the motherboard and other hardware and aren't using the ones that come with Windows (which are often not very stable).

Thank you for your reply !!

I will check all drivers to see if there is anything that can be updated. I would not expect Bitdefender to cause this problem.