Computer name in display border possible?

In my using side-by-side vertical display, in the area just above the column labels (Name, size, type...), where at least I presently have the path name of the folder and some directory navigation buttons - In the path name area (or any other good alternative area if experience has so found), is it possible to not only contain the path but also the name of the computer/network resource?

I have several computers at home, as I presume many do, on a network and when I am transferring files from one to another I would think this to be helpful. As I can hardly properly describe the area that I am thinking I would like the computer name to also be displayed, I apologize, but I really couldn't formulate how to search such a thing and rely on knowledge of well acquainted users.

Thank-you for considering!

The name is part of the folder's path (and thus displayed automatically) if you're accessing the network share via the UNC path, like in this example:

If you're accessing it via a mapped drive letter, just go to the path using the UNC path that the letter maps to instead, and you should get what you want.

It's possible to automate the drive letter -> UNC jump in various ways if you want to continue using drive letters as a starting point, or a way to store alternative credentials.

OK, that's embarrassing... I never saw the computer name because the paths were too long.

Accepting my blunder, might there be a way to display the network resource (Computer name) or give indication that the pane is on a resource other than the computer at which I am working? Something that would only require a glance rather than a selection and scroll back to the beginning? I am thankful for the direction you have provided and of which you have enlightened me and simply wish to find a means of faster visual identification-

You might want to try Preferences / Display / Options / Custom title, and add the %R code (drive root of the current folder). For example:

%R - %T - Directory Opus

On a UNC path drive, that will make the window title something like:

\Computer\Share - Folder - Directory Opus

So you can always quickly look up there to see the computer you are on, even if the path is really long.

(It'll show C: where the %R is when you're on your local C drive.)

You could also do more complex changes to the titlebar or also the folder tabs using scripts, but by the sound of what you're after, this may be enough on its own.