Condition clause in internal command arguments?

I have searched this for hours but I failed. I am very beginner to Directory Opus. I tried to make a button which does change the folder format to "My Custom Format" and Flatview to On. And If this button is on, next time the button is clicked, I wish it to change folder format to prior format (if it might be messy, just change it to user default) and Flatview to Off.
So I thought this can be done by Toggle. My code is like below.

Set FORMAT=Toggle,"My Custom Format",!folder

but It didn't work as I expected. You may already know that FORMAT argument doesn't have Toggle as its value. So, How can I do what I want?

Sorry for my very newbie-like question. Thanks.

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Try something like this:

@if:Set FLATVIEW=on
Set FORMAT=!default

Set FLATVIEW=on,mixednofolders
Set FORMAT=Photos
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Thanks. It worked. I've been confused that @if was something about icon. Thank you!