Configuring backup file name patten

How can I configure backup filename patter? Current one is is like " - Opus Config - --", which makes not much sense. Especially the date part is "broken" as it nicely breaks sane sorting order and it does it twice - firstly (as anyone usually sorts by filename) this pattern keeps all files sorted by day name, then it gets even worse as messes order even more as i.e. "dec" goes before "jun" etc. The only sane format for me would be --

(and all digits), but I do not see any option I could enforce this?

Couldn't you sort the backup folder by date? :slight_smile:

The Prefs command lets you specify the backup filename (via its TO argument), though I'm not sure if that only applies to automated backups (where you click a button and the rest happens by itself with no further prompting) or if it also changes the default filepath shown in the Backup wizard.

No :slight_smile: This is volatile attribute and goes away when i.e. you send it via email