Configuring Mouse Middle Button behaviour

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Kinda 'starting over' w/ configuring dOpus -- @ v.11, after not using dOpus for a half year,
so this time I'm making notes -- maybes this will be useful to someone.

Middle Click Behaviour : I want these 3 main behaviours from mouse Mclick:

#1) Mclick a Tree folder > open in New Tab

#2) Mclick a folder in a regular pane > open in a New Tab

#3) Finally, associated with this Mclick behaviour, I want a New Tab to open adjacent/next to the existing tab.

#1) Mclick on folder in TREE > opens folder in a New Tab:

Preferences > Folder Tree > Selection Events > Middle mouse button > Normal: Go NEWTAB

#2) Mclick to open a regular "file display" pane folder (NOT a tree folder) in new tab :

Settings > File Types > All folders > Edit > "Events" tab > Middle double-click > Edit > 
		type " [b]go newtab [/b]"  (without quotes).

but wait !! still need to do 1 more configuration :

Prefs > File Displays > Mouse > Single middle-click runs Middle double-click File Type event

#3) Open New Tab next to the existing tab :

Prefs > Folder Tabs > Options > Open new tabs next to the active tab	

...... now we're flying w/ Mclick functionality

  • note - other apps may conflict with these settings -- I use the wonderful "Actual Window Manager",
    and the Mclick drag functionality I enabled and use in Paint-type image apps,
    had to be re-configured to use a Ctrl button modifier.

Oh well, one of these days soon I'll know enough to finally write that specific bit of AHK code
to be active only #IfWinActive :wink: