Confirm File Replace - Copy As dialog

Hi there GPSoft guys,

I constantly copy files and folders of the same name back and forth during the course of working on various projects. One thing I've realized lately that I'd find very useful would be for the Copy As dialog to allow renaming of the 'Old name:'. It seems like this capability is there... as the Old name: field is editable, but it's just teasing me :slight_smile:. It doesn't actually accept what you type in the old name field and instead comes back with the Confirm File Replace dialog.

Speaking of the 'Confirm' dialog... just as with the 'Copy As' dialog, I'd really like to see the same capability to rename the 'Existing file:' rather than the 'New file:'. Otherwise, what I often end up doing is going back and renaming both folders as the one I've copied is the one I want to retain the original name, and the one that is already in the destination is the one I'd like to rename to .org or .bak or something like that.

Also, another user posed a question I would hope to see covered under a request like mine which is to make sure that folder names can be handled by the replace/rename dialog as well... I.E. if we copy a folder called 'foo' to a root directory already containing a folder called 'foo'... I'd like the option to rename either the 'foo' folder already sitting in the destination or the one I'm copying... this is as opposed to the current behaviour where the contents of the 'foo' folder I'm copying is simply copied into the destination's 'foo' folder. The original author of this part of the request; relating to folder name rename handling might probably also be concerned with making sure any sub directories under a common folder are handled with this dialog as well, in the event a top level directory being copied is not desired to be renamed on copy but it's sub-folders are...

I vote for COPY AS as well - saves the irritation of having to find your new file and then rename it!