Confirmation of executed commands

Often when I do something in dopus, I'm not sure if the right thing happened.

Suppose I move 2 files from one location to another. After doing it, I have no idea if the files were actually moved. To be sure I have to check in the destination folder, and if there are a lot files there... scroll down and look for those two files to make sure they are there. Needless to say, this is VERY time consuming.

Why not have a simple statement in the status bar that reads "2 files moved from X to Y" (X and Y just being the folder names, not the whole path). Then I know for sure they were moved correctly.

I know it's not exactly what you're looking for, but if you open the output window and click the "Undo" tab, it will show that kind of info. If you still have the default "undo" button on a toolbar somewhere, right-clicking on it will open the output window to the undo tab.

If you wanted to, you could just keep the output window open, resize it so that it would only show the most recent action, and keep it on top of Opus using the pin buttons. This would give you a confirmation of each action, although it wouldn't be in the status bar.


If you are moving the files then the fact that they are no longer there should give you some indication that it worked. :slight_smile:

Or you could open the Output Window and look at the Log tab.

The output window can be opened from Tools - Output Window in the default menus.

Alternatively you can create a button/hotkey to open the output window and force it to show the Log tab by using the following command:


For maximum annoyance value you could modify the MOVE button to include the above code - that way the log would open whenever you moved a file. :open_mouth:

Right next to the Undo tab is a Log tab which very few people seem to have noticed :frowning:

If you create button Set OUTPUT=Log , output windows don't open.

Add Set OUTPUT=Log,On and it's OK.

Oops .. forgot that bit :slight_smile:

I prefer:

Set OUTPUT=Log,Toggle

That way the same button will turn the output window on and off.

Also, for newboy's benefit...

I'm not sure what the 'default' log settings are - mine are disabled. For copy/move operations, you should at least enable the following to see the kind of info newboy wants on the log tab of the output window:

Preferences->Logging->Logging Options section
enable Log file functions, maximum xyz# events = default is 1000 or whatever?

Also, the I think the default 'Standard' logging only catches drag/drop copy/move operations. If newboy has a custom button or hotkey he's using then...

Preferences->Logging->Logging Level section
enable Custom and checkmark on Copy/Move and uncheck the only if initiated by drag/drop option

I looked into the log window, but I find that it's way over the's big and clunky... you need open and close it after every command...unless you pin it on top...but then you still need to close it afterwards. Also it only shows what commands you've used, not any additional information related to them.

What often happened (at least with windows explorer) is that when dragging a file into a folder on the tree view, the file would accidentally be moved into the wrong folder! I would discover this after sifting through the folder contents.

I think it would be great with a little, discreet confirmation on the status bar telling you what happened. Because often there is no way to tell is one of the basic concepts of user friendlyness. And if you don't like it on the status bar, it's easy to remove it from prefs.

I can see a lot of value in what he is proposing.

I work with a large enterprise software package and our status bar does something similar. When an action is performed, it always displays a confirmation in the bottom status bar, such as "document XYZ deleted", or "File Load Complete".

There is an extension for Firefox called AutoCopy that automatically adds text that you've highlighted to the clipboard without having to press CTRL+C. One of it's options is to blink an icon in the status bar when the function is performed. It's a small thing, but it reassures me that the copy has actually taken place.

I wouldn't mind seeing that option and the output log is just too big for that. I work primarily on laptops and don't have the realestate to display another window.

Perhaps a neat solution could be a balloon tip (or popup toast like msn) showing up over the tool tray icon. Not taking focus away from the lister, just displaying a "Copied x files to <...>".

Yeah. And of course, we'll need the ability to customize those messages, right? :smiley: