Conflict with Spamfighter, X1, Carbonite

I have difficulties with these three programs using DO10.

Spamfighter keeps giving me an error and has said that there may be issues with DO and I fix it, reinstall, etc., but it keeps saying it isn't working.

X1, the desktop search engine runs at high memory usage even when disabled. If I quit it, it respawns. I've reinstalled it many times.

Carbonite also can't be quit without starting up instantly and it also takes massive CPU even after disabling it.

Any thoughts on if this is related to DO?

What's the exact message that Spamfighter displays?

I can't think of any direct connection between the four programs but I only know the basic details of them (aside from Opus, of course).

I am a long-time user of X1. Well before I adopted DOpus.

The two run just fine here.

What symptoms do you see that make you suspect an interaction between DOpus and X1?

High memory usage in X1 depends on how you use it, and how aggressively you allow it to index your PC.

If you are on a laptop, then you need to allow an extended indexing session to start with. If you don't X1 never gets a long run at your files. (The same applies to other indexing software.)

Even on a desktop it can take a day or so to index a large disk.

I'm using DOpus10 with Carbonite and am not having any issues.

The SpamFighter message that comes up regularly is: SPAMfighter has found an error in your settings. This means that you're missing your Spamfighter toolbar in Outlook and that Spamfighter therefore doesn't not work as it should. However, the Spamfighter toolbar IS there and it seems to be working.

Carbonite has mentioned that there are some issues with DO and that some features might be missing, but I haven't notice which ones, if any. It is just frustrating that Carbonite can hog 15% of the CPU even when it is disabled.

One other interesting issue since I switched to DO10: sometimes when I open a lister, a second lister appears moments later with the same contents.

I'm not seeing where the connection is between those things.

If you're having problems with Spamfighter and/or Carbonite, take it up with the developers of those products. We'll be happy to help them investigate things if they discover there is some connection with Opus but I don't see any reason to think there is one so far.

With Opus opening two windows sometimes, how are you opening the window?

Good idea. Any thoughts on the last issue: sometimes when I open a lister, a second lister appears moments later with the same contents.

I was clicking on an .mkv file in a lister.

Mkv files don't normally open Opus windows. I'm confused about what you're describing.