Confused with hide filter


I hope somebody can help me with the hide filter.

I'm sure there is a simple solution to this, but I would like to hide the files "thumbs.db" and "desktop.ini" from all folders, because I generally do not need to mess with these files and they just get in the way when I accidentally select one of them.

I go to folder options and then filter, and I can enter one of them, but I cannot get it to enter both.

I've tried

thumbs.db and desktop.ini
thumbs.db, desktop.ini

but no matter how I try to entre it, it won't allow me to hide both of them!

Hope somebody can help me


One other thing....

Is there a way to hide "System volume Information" such that it does not apear at all (not even in the directory tree).

In general I like to have all files visible (including hidden and OS files), but given that System Volume Information is not directly editable anyway (well, you can get at it, you're just not supposed to). I'd like to just hide it completely.


You were almost there. When you use the | you need to put the things either side of it in brackets. So try this:


You could set a Hide Folders filter with just "System volume Information" to hide that as well.