Constant scrolling / refreshing of Folder Tree, Favorites branch

I would like to make a support request but didnt find how to do it other than the forums
I have a video i'd like to send that shows the behaviour

On windows 10 - updated to last versions on a surface book 2
dopus also updated to latest release

the folder tress keeps refreshing itself in Dopus and freezes while it does it which makes the software unusable
this have been happening for the last 1-3 weeks not sure when it started but recently

help appreciated


The tree shouldn't refresh unless something is making lots of changes to it.

What happens in File Explorer if you expand the same branches in the tree there?

A video could be useful. You can attach reasonably sized mp4s directly to posts, or post a link to YouTube etc.

no changes being made to the tree, happens constantly even when iddle

nothing happens in file explorer, normal beaviour
is there a way to PM or email the video rather than attaching to a public forum


Sure: private message

From the video, it looks like it's triggered by one of the folders in your Favorites list.

You can backup the current Favorites list by typing /dopusdata/ConfigFiles into Opus and then making a copy of favorites.ofv.

After making a backup, could you remove folders from your Favorites until you work out which one is triggering the problem, then let us know? We'll see if we can reproduce it based on that.

From what you said in the PM, it seems like the Dropbox folder is a good one to try first.

Once you're done, copy the old favorites.ofv back over the main one and you should have your list back. (Make sure Preferences is not open when you do the copy.)

Thanks Leo
will do some testing and get back to you