Content menu to remove favourites from FAVORITES command btn

i'm a bit amazed there is no context menu or some ability to quickly remove an item from favourites using the context menu.
this really should be added asap.
I have a list of favourites displayed using the FAVOURITES command but no option to quickly delete an item

in Directory Opus (beta)
there is a bug fix with this title:
[quote]Removed Delete and Cut commands from the context menu of folders in the Favorites menu to avoid accidental deletion of folders.[/quote]

but nothing about how to remove an item from fav..

digging the forum I also found this ticked opened in 2005:

was anything done about that meanwhile?

thanks in advance for the reply

Favourites are still deleted/renamed/moved via the Edit Favourites menu item.

I think that UI will always be better when doing lots of edits in a row, and it doesn't seem too bad for editing a single item, though being able to do single items via a context menu would still be a nice to have, certainly.

cheers for the reply leo

I update my favourites quite often and I need to be able to quickly manage them.

As a workaround - maybe helpful for other, I'm using this approach:

I have a toolbar button that displays the content of a folder where I keep all my shortcuts to favourite files/folders:
Go "path/to/dir" FOLDERCONTENT="button"
(the display of the items can be customised if needed)

then I have a second button to add shortcuts to that folder with this command:
Copy MAKESHORTCUT TO="path/to/dir"

this way you can safely right click the shortcuts from the toolbar list and delete them


A layout update is not triggered after deleting an item so the item won't dissapear after removal. This will only work inside a submenu

apparently it also updates after changing folder

After more research I managed to fin a workaround for the update issue as well.

The way to fix it is to add a new context menu for .lnk extensions from Settings > File Types (named "Remove Shortcut" for example) and add the following command to it:
Delete FILE {file$}

basically it will delete the right clicked file from your toolbar and trigger a lister refresh event that will also update the toolbar layout

i've attached a screenshot describing the entire process. It will make you able to have a favourites panel with items that you right click and remove.

forgot to mention that it only works for non-dockable panels