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Content Type and Google Drive File Stream

I am using DFS (GDFS? GFS?) and am having a problem with automatic detection of Content Types when I have images in the folder. That is, I need to turn off automatic Content Types in DFS but cannot find a way to do this. I have enabled Folder Content Type detection for fixed local disks only, but D/O still detects the images on DFS and tries to create thumbnails. The problem with this is the D/O either hangs or become so slow that it effectively stops working when it tries to create thumbnails from DFS. So, I either need to get D/O to stop recognizing image folders on DFS, or find a way to keep D/O from hanging when it tries to create thumbnails on DFS.

Please help.

If you save a format for the Google Drive path and sub-folders, I think that will take priority over content type detection, preventing it from switching to thumbnails mode.

i.e. Go to the Google Drive location, while in Details mode (or whatever you want), the use Folder > Folder Options, and then Save > Save format for a folder with Save for all sub-folders turned on.

If you still have problems, please let us know.

I did that, but I chose Save Format for All Folders (make this the default),but it did not work. Auto detection was still on, and D/O still hung.

Saving the Default Format won't do what you want. The Default Format has a lower priority than Content Type formats.

You need to save a format for the Google Drive path & sub-folders, as per my message above. That will take priority over Content Type formats.

Thank you. That seems to be working. And when I now switch to Image Content Type I get icons as I should. Not sure why this did not work correctly at first, but I am very happy that it is working now.

I am a long term user of D/O and I love it!