Content type on Pathbar?

Can I remove or hide the "Content Type" section on the Pathbar??

If so how and can I get it back should I decide to do so???


Yes and Yes.

Go into Customize mode, then right click on the Content Type field and select delete.

You can put the field back by once again going into Customize mode and finding the Current Content Type item in the Commands tab. You can then drag this to any toolbar you want.

Alternatively, from the Toolbars tab of the Customize window you can create a brand new toolbar and drag the Path Field to it.

What? When I go into "Customize" off of the "Settings" menu I get the attached screen shot dialog. I don't see anything the about "fields" and deleteing them. Am I just in the wrong place? I'm confused.

Help!! LOL (newbe to Dopus)

Thanks for your help,

Never mind. I figured it out. Thanks a whole lot for your time though.