Context Access Has Stumped Me Since 1st Explorer

Regardless of explorer or DO or any other file replacement short of creating buttons for all the various context items within the file listing panel there must be a way of accessing those commands when there's no blank space to access the context menu.

Situation I have a completely full lister from top to bottom of filenames and or directories and I want to create a new file. On a non-full lister I would click any blank space and right click and my context menu comes up with all kinds of options. So how do I do that same thing when there's no blank space?

Right-click the status bar, which is always available (unless turned off).

For creating new files, you can also or use the menu attached to the New Folder button on the default toolbar.

Never knew that in all these years. I have suffered by making a new file in another directory and moving it. Great. My life has been so uncomplicated tonight.