Context Menu Action Copy/Paste bug

Hi there, for awhile I couldn't figure out why it seemed that some actions I add to my custom context menu's wouldn't actually show up when I test them out. I've now noticed that if I 'Copy & Paste' a context menu action of type 'Run an Opus function', it automatically becomes an action of type 'Run an application'. Now, if I've done this within the same file type I copied the action from, no harm no foul, I can click the 'Type' drop down box and change it. But if I've copied the action from the context menu of one file type over to another... the 'Run an Opus function' is not available in the drop down. Even stranger, if I then copy the copied action... the subsequent copy has nothing at all in the 'Type' drop down. Weird.

Some more on this...

For some file types when I simply click on 'New' in order to create a new context menu action; for instance 'All Files' and all of the 'File Type Groups', the 'Edit new action for type:' dialog opens but the 'Type' drop down box only shows 2 of the normal 4 type options. Also, what types are listed; Run an Opus function and Sub-menu, do not look right... they don't have the normal (Not supported in Explorer) text following them.

That's because those file types are Opus-only (as are the file-type groups). Therefore the whole file type is only supported in Opus, so it would be redundant to say "not supported in Explorer" for functions thereof :slight_smile:

Fair enough :slight_smile:. I just thought it was weird as it did not work this way prior to the 8.1 preview... but thinking back I seem to recall the 'Type' field was supressed for some file types. I guess the addition of the Sub-menu feature required you to activate it, whereas before you went straight into a 'Run an Opus function' mode.

I was hoping it was significant and some clue into the main problem I mentioned in my first post. I've also come to see that after I initially create the action and click 'OK' the 'name' is saved but the function/command is not and shows up in the list. I have to go back into the action and re-add the commands I want it to run, click 'OK' again and then it is saved.

This does NOT happen with the other file types that show all 4 options for 'Type'. On the one hand, my system seems sort of screwed up (rename thing etc) but could you check this latest action thing out... just create a new action for the 'All files' Context Menu, and type gibberish into the function/edit window and hit OK. Maybe it not saving the commands is a side effect of something when the 'Type' field was re-activated? I am going to un-install/clean/re-install per my other topic regarding the weird rename behavior anyway and see what happens with this as well.

Hmmm... went back to 8012 and I don't seem to have these problems. Reinstalling the 8.1 (8034) preview now to see if they come back.

Ok, cleaned out my old preview install, and manually re-added all of my preferences after installing the official 8.1 (and now and things are stable now...

Out of the things I've mentioned in this topic, the only one that seems to be an actual problem is that functions for a newly created context menu action are not saved when the action is initially created and you hit OK to save it. This is ONLY the case for sertain types... such as 'All files' and any of the 'File Type Group's - the action shows up with in the File Type Edit window.